TrudyThe first challenge of the new year was a different one for us as a box. Instead of a Whole 30, or Paleo Challenge, we took a look at everything that contributes to better fitness and health, and created a challenge that measured several things. We set our challengers up with macros goals – protein, carb and fat ratios that added up to calorie targets set up specific to the athlete. Additionally, challengers set sleep goals, mobility goals, and goals to take supplements. Weight loss was not a goal, however, fat loss and body re-composition did occur with our participants who were consistent with their macros.

Our winner, Trudy Nowak had this to say after the challenge: “I started the challenge to help me with my protein intake. Something that I struggle with. I didn’t really expect anything to change. I was wrong. Since I have been meeting my macros goals I have set a pr in 4 lifts. I’m a believer. I still struggle with my protein but now I have a better understanding of how all the pieces fit together. I will continue with my food log on my fitness pal and try to meet my daily goals. A big thanks to coach Lisa and coach Ryan for all the support.”

Going forward, the CF Celsius Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching page on Facebook will be open to all athletes at the box. It will be a place to share daily macros (if so inclined), interesting articles, PRs, or anything else that can help us become better athletes. Also, this type of challenge is not something that can or will end at the 6 week mark – we will continue to help challengers or any athlete at the box who wishes to continue to refine their nutrition through proper ratios of macros.

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